Road and Bridge


County road maintenance and repair for approximately 1,089 miles in Gove County.
County bridge maintenance for 85 bridges in Gove County.
County culvert repair, maintenance, and replacement.

Office Personnel:

David Mendenhall, Department Head
Denise Wolf, Office Manager

Contact Information:

P.O. Box 156
502 Broad Street
Gove, Kansas 67736

Office Hours:

Phone: 785-938-4450
Fax: 785-938-4452
Email Us:


Kansas Department of Transportation


County permits, call or email us to obtain the following forms
Application for Permit for Utility Construction in Road Right-of-Way
Application for Permit for Access Entrance to a County Public Right-of-Way
Application for Permit for Road Closure
Application for Permit for Transmission Pipeline Construction in Road Right-of-Way
Fee Schedule for Permits
Application for Permit For Movement of Overszie/Overweight Load

Memo Board: