Burn Ban Declaration

Written by Nicole Godek on March 21, 2017

Burn Ban Declaration
March 21, 2017

Now on this 20th day of March, 2017, I, Mike Gillespie, Chairman of the Board of Gove County Commissioners, after consultation with Mike Haase, Gove County Emergency Preparedness Director finds that Gove County has been red flagged on the internet regarding outdoor burning. A red flag on the National Weather Service Website of Goodland is the highest warning given by the Weather Service for fire danger, and means that there is extreme fire danger, and there should not be any outdoor burning due to the jeopardy caused by open burning to the safety and welfare of the population and property.

Due to this finding, I hereby pursuant to Gove County REsolution 2011-03 as chairman of the Board of Gove County Commissioners declare a Burn Ban for Gove County Kansas which shall remain in effect until I find that the emergency conditions have abated and outdoor burning is no longer a danger, and I declared that the ban has been lifted.

This ban shall include any outdoor burning including but not limited to burn barrels, trash pits.

Outdoor welding, spark emitting devices, and torching shall be allowed when conducted under the preapproved plan of the fire chief for the fire district which shall include having a minimum of one fire unit on site with the cost of same being paid for by the person requesting the fire ban exemption.

This is effective immediately and shall be made known to the public as deemed appropriate by the Emergency manager.

Mike Gillespie
Chairman of the Board